Saturday, September 12, 2009

Meet Kaya: An American Girl in 1764

Kaya is a Nez Perce Indian who lived in 1764 in the American Northwest. Here are some activities to live as our friend Kaya may have lived.

American Girl & Doll as Kaya

Week 1: Clothing (9/23/09)

The girls helped cut the fringe on their new Indian costumes. The costumes were made using the simple pattern of "pillowcase dress" style and adding ribbon and accent color of suede across the front and down the sides for fringe. Also used ribbon and fringe material to make anklet moccasins.

We will also try using a bead loom to decorate our costumes.

Week 2: Cooking (9/30/09)

This week the girls will made a traditional Native American recipe called Pemmican to try. It was very delicious!

Week 3: Crafts (10/7/09)

This week we will try our hand at basket weaving. Each girl will weave their own basket just like the Native American girls like Kaya would have done.

Week 4: Miners Ravine

Local Nature Preserve that has primitive grinding rocks

(Mortal and Pestle found in Palm Springs Indian Village)

Week 5: History (10/21/09)

Field Trip to the Maidu Interpretive Center. Here we will be able to see authentic Indian artifacts, baskets, and exhibits

Week 5: Music and Dance (10/28/09)

We will have a POW WOW! The girls will come dressed in their costumes where we can learn some Indian dancing and music.

Meet Felicity: An American Girl in 1776 Colonial America

We begin our American Girl Homeschool Group with the character Felicity. Felicity is a 10 year old girl growing up in Colonial Williamsburg, VA in 1776. Here is some of the fun activities we did to explore what it would be like to be a girl living in the Colonial time period.

Week 1: Clothing

This week we focused on Dress and fashions

The girls each helped sew their own coif hat and played with paper dolls

American Girl & Doll as Felicity

An American Girl sewing her coif

Week 2: Baking

This week we picked a fun, easy recipe to try. The kids had fun flipping them over with a spatula.

We made Johnny Cakes which are a durable cornmeal based pancakes that could be carried around as a snack. They were delicious with honey on top, but I am not sure how many families had access to honey. I am sure they would use fresh jam though. Here is the recipe to try:

Johnny Cakes

Week 3: Timelines and Trading Goods

This week the girls created a map of the original colonies along with which goods were available and traded to each area. They also created a historical timeline based on important events leading up to the Declaration of Independence. The girls were also given paper to make their own timelines for important events that have occurred in their lives.

Week 4: Colonial Tea Party

Dressed in Colonial attire, we had a wonderful team party with gingerbread scones, homemade jams, and cookies. The girls learned about tea party ettiquette and made beautiful fans to keep them cool. Although we were in a lovely air conditioned home, there would not be such luxury in the times of Felicity. The girls also shared their decorated timelines that they had made at home.

Week 5: Fun and Games

This week we will have fun with Spinning Tops, Pick-up Sticks, Jacks, Jacob's Ladder, Game of Graces, and making their own Ball-In-Cup.